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Best Hot Water Spring In Asia

What is best way to relax your body in natural hot water spring and feel the divine of nature. There can’t be as pleasurable as Sinking yourself into therapeutic water and admire the natures wonders.

Here are must visit places in Asia to feel this pleasure :

San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand
San Kamphaeng is a place in Thailand which is famous for its creative activity and relaxing. This is located 13km east of Chiang Mai town of Thailand. Basically known for its Lanna – Style silk and handicrafts products and off course its colourful umbrellas. After a short journey from the town you’ll arrive at the natural park surrounded by the pastoral hills, trees and clean air. Take a relaxing dip into hot spring water to relieve your body. The water has a high sulphur content and possesses curative and restorative properties.

Binh Chau Hot spring, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vietnam
Located at 150km from Ho Chi Minh City,Binh Chau hot springs is a wonderful destination for holidaying. Initially it was discovered by French doctor Named “Sallet” this huge natural pool for hot water and mud is a rich source of mineral, mica, Sulphur, Chlorine, and sodium. Its temperature may vary from 40 degree to 80 degree. Binh Chau ranks as the top destination for hot springs and receives recognition from World Travel Organization for eco-tourism development.

Banjar Hot Spring, Indonesia
If you are planning to visit Bali then you cant miss Banjar Hot Spring located 5km away from southwest Lovina coast in north Bali. Due to presence of sulphur originated from volcanic activities temperature of the water goes up to 37 degree. The hot spring water gushes from the mouths of eight stone carved naga (mythical, dragon-like creatures) into the oblong shaped upper pool. This water has many medicinal properties especially treatment of Rheumatic diseases. Because of its location i.e midst of the jungle you can enjoy the joy of nature’s beauty as well. So experience this rejuvenating and cleansing process.

Beitou Hot Spring, Taiwan
Beitou is a small town, situated in Taipei is known for its hot springs, richly preserved architectural heritage and greenery. Here where the dormant Datun Volcano group provides an endless supply of thermal water. The public hot water pool is a series of 4 different pools, each with different temperature. Feel the essence of steam and soak yourself in mind blowing relaxing natural bath pool with enjoyment of epic Taiwanese hospitality.

Sungai Klah Hot Spring, Malaysia
Sungai Klah Hot spring park is located in Sungkai. It has both hot and cool pools in between forest and rivers. The pools receive the water from natural spring from underground and bubbling streams. The park includes public pools, private Jacuzzis, and a place where you can boil eggs in the hot water.

Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh
Although Himachal has many hot spring destination and Manikaran is one of them. It’s a pilgrimage centre for both Hindu and Sikhs. Located 45km from Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful place to visit and bless yourself with medicinal properties of natural hot water spring. There is no sulphur or iron mixed in the waters, but it is said to be radio active. Rheumatism and muscular pains are said to cured very fast by taking bath in this water.

Puning Hot Springs and sand spa, Philippines
Puning hot spring is at the foothills of Mount Pinatubu, and is wellness heaven for those seeking adventure and picturesque landscape. The sand spa is the best part of punning hot spring experience. Covered by volcanic sands, visitors enjoy the warm from volcanic ashes penetrating their body. It’s a must visiting place for adventure lover.

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