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Everything you should know about Paragliding

If you wanted to experience adrenaline rush in your body with its mind blowing effects than one must definitely try paragliding sports. If you are a adventurous person and spending vacation calmly and composedly near a beach is boring stuff for you than here we take you to a sky ride, where there is no limits to span your wings and view the world from an eagle eyes!! But before sharing the best destinations for paragliding, here is the important tips for you to remember before you conquer the skies.

With whom you Should go for Paragliding

One must always go for paragliding with an certified instructor, as these kind of adventures sports are to be conducted with utmost cautiousness. USHPA provides certification to become either basic instructor OR Tandem instructor. After completion of certification they are appointed as a certified paragliding pilots. One must be over 16 years to obtain pilot rating, although one can start training from 14 years.

Who can do paragliding

Well anyone can go for paragliding until unless one is not afraid of Height. One should be physically and mentally fit and should always listen and obey to his instructor.

Safety and security equipment’s for para-glider

Though beginner must always go for paragliding with trained pilots only, still on a safer side compile accurate weather forecast ahead of your flight and knowing the area well. It is important to practice your landing and concentrate your efforts on hitting the target, or as close as possible. Maintain minimal speed and accurate Height. Safety equipment’s like safety shoes, gloves, eye protection, helmets, fall protection, fire protection, respiratory protection should always be carried while flying.

Weather Condition

Paragliding sports is highly dependent on ideal weather condition. Ideally you need weather to be dry and winds lower than 18mph. beginners must fly between 2mph to 15mph. Try to have gentle slope area only for flying. And avoid flying in rain, storms, high speed wind.

Ideal Destination for Paragliding with awesome vacation

To experience best fun for Paragliding is to have ideal destination for it. So here are few list of places where you can choose to paragliding

Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambiue – This divine place is situated 750km off the mainland, is a wonderful site for paragliding.

Haute Alpes, France – In summer this place this place become paraglider’s heaven.

Oludeniz, Fethiye, Turkey – The site seen from sky at this place is unforgettable. You can see stunning blue lagoons underneath after taking off from Mount Babadag, which is 2000 m high, or even from higher peaks.

Seiser Alm, Dolomites, Italy – Flying over rocky cliffs over the largest Alpine meadow in Europe is something to cherish by Paragliders.

Dune du pyla, Gironde, France – One of the favorite place for paragliding is this place, where wonderful views will steal your mind.

Julian Alps, Tolmin, & Bohinj Regions, Slovenia – Experience the sailing in sky with awesome views here. The whole trips with transport, accommodation, and service are available.

Castelluccio, Umbria, Italy – Color full weather, amazing sights, and all paragliding facilities available here. In the town there are also hang gliding and paragliding schools, that offer an unforgettable flight.

Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand – Queens town is surrounded by the Southern Alps, that make it a wonderful platform to jump off and fly.

Wengen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland – This place is any time worth visiting for hiking and skiing around the year

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