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Meghalaya, the Scotland of India!!

North Eastern states are filled with its own charm and charisma and one has to explore this rooms of concealment like a priest hole!! One of such obscure place is Meghalaya. A state which has densely scared forest, Amazing waterfall destination, spotless clean village, breath taking hills and plains view, wetness in soil and pure Air to breath. That’s the reason it is nicknamed as Scotland of India. Its not only an example of Clean India but also adhere with the fact of Women empowerment, with more than 75% literacy rate.

Some mesmerizing Spots & Locations in Meghalaya:

1. Feel the Zest of walk on unique living root bridge :
A famous handmade bridge by local tribes of Khasis & War Jaintias which was built over years by Ficus Elastica trees to merge with Betel Nut tree trunks is now an natures best natural creations in Cherapunji. This is must seen and experienced destination while visiting Meghalaya.

2. Amazing Nohkalikai Waterfalls – This is an One of India tallest waterfall where you’ll be compelled to take out camera and get engrossed in its beauty. With 1115 feet tall, this spectacular waterfall is a wonder of nature in itself. But be careful for its visit during monsoon season.

3. Get Mesmerised by the view of Imperial Elephant waterfall : The very natural and perfect serenity of Elephant waterfall makes an unavoidable tourist destination in Meghalaya, which is 12 Km from Shillong. British renamed it as Elephant waterfalls, after elephant like shape of rock formation near the water body.

4. Visit Magnetic Umngot River in Dawki : Touch the beauty of two countries at the same time by visiting on the bank of Umngot river in Dawki. This is a tiny gem of scenic beauty between the hills in Meghalaya unleashing the possibly India’s cleanest and transparent river. Dawki is an busy trade route between India & Bangaldesh. Nothing compares to the heavenly joy of riding on this beautiful river surrounded by wilderness.

5. Visit God’s Own Garden named Mawlynnong Village : The Asia’s cleanest village where one can feel the divine essence of beauty, purity and soothing surrounding. Located in the east Khasi hills of Meghalaya. People living over here are the perfect examples of hygiene and civilized culture. Apart from that it is home of living root bridge, picturesque surrounding, waterfalls, mystic landscape view etc.

6. Eye Treating Views of Umiam Lake in Shillong : If you wanted to enter in man made gateway of heaven then do visit Umiam Lake, which is filled with fascinating greenery all around, soft grass, stunning view of hills and lots of water activities available for the tourist. Mind get ultimate calmness when you see how natures itself is expressing its feelings and emotions.

7. Surprise yourself with witnessing Nohsngithiang Falls : Also known as seven sister fall, you cannot afford to miss Nohsngithiang fall, situated near Mawsmai village in the east Khasi distt of Megahlaya. It’s called as seven Sister Falls because it has 7 segments with an average width of 70 meters. The view is so magical that you’ll get engrossed with the mist and clouds between the water fall.

Explore living on the edge experience by visiting Laitlum Canyon : If you are on an adventures trip with camera in your hand, then don’t miss the ultimate paradise of Meghalaya adventurous trip. Situated at the top of East Khasi hills of Shillong is the The laitlum Canyons, which also means “The End of Hills” or “The End of the World”. Secinic view of hill slope, glorious mountain, calm river flow, local tribes living on the edge of the mountains, and view of sunset and sunrise add a magical experience in its tour.

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