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Walking is Free!

Walking is 100% free while all other forms of exercise tend to cost money. Gyms or Swimming pools charge per-use fees. Team sports tend to require costly equipment that tends to get lost or worn out. Also, more intense sports tend to cause injuries which are costly via medical bills. Running is perhaps the only other exercise type which is equally free. So, from the health perspective, Walking and Running are two activities that suit people of all age-groups, and is also highly beneficial to maintaining active body metabolism and all-round health.

Types of Hiking

For something as simple as hiking there seems to be quite a number of different types of hiking with all sorts of different names to it. The differences between the types of walking or hiking are sometimes subtle. Let’s dig a little bit to remove any doubt or confusion one might have-

  • Walking – relaxed, leisurely paced, usually in the city, and typically not over 5 miles at a time
  • Hiking – usually in a bigger park or somewhere outside the city, along a trail. Hikes tend to be longer in length than simple walking, and they tend to sometimes have significant elevation change, although obviously that is not a pre-requisite.
  • Backpacking – backpacking makes hiking seem like child’s play. The backpacks are not ones that you typically see kids take to school. The backpacks that backpackers use are gigantic bags that must fit all your food, water and other items to help you survive for days in the outdoors.
  • Trekking – similar to backpacking but different in that it is walking out in the country somewhere, but usually for longer distances and periods of time.
  • Urban Hiking – city hikes, usually with some theme like seeing a historic or artistic structure, or simply a social event

Some hikers who prefer one type of hiking than others can make it seem like one type is superior to another. In reality, they can all be fun, healthy, social, and often educational. You should just go out there and enjoy yourself.

Different Places to Hike

There are many types of parks:

  • National Parks and Forests
  • Wilderness Areas
  • Hilly terrains
  • State Parks
  • County Parks
  • Cities and Urban Areas