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Travel with Comfort – Tips for women from an expert and a successful woman!

Zu Anjalika Kamis Gunnulfsen is an Image Branding consultant, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She was crowned Mrs Singapore Globe in 2017 and represented the country in Mrs Globe, internationally in China.

A PG Diploma holder from the prestigious LOndon School of Journalism, she is a passionate writer and columnist. She writes for YogaMail; the industry journal of Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI). Being a certified Yoga and Super Yoga Kids instructor, she also blogs on anything and everything that encompasses this beautiful ancient Indian practice.

She considers winning the Mrs Singapore Globe title in 2017 as an event instrumental in her professional journey as a Certified Image & Lifestyle Consultant. For couple of years now, she has been helping individuals, corporate figures and organisations on their personal image, both in Malaysia and Singapore.

Be conscious of your personal image and stay attentive on what you’re portraying; then building an authentic personal brand will be lots smoother – this is the mantra she truly believes in!

She contributes to LUSH, a Singapore-based lifestyle, online magazine, on matters relating to image branding, etiquette and communications. She also writes for “Marketing In Asia” – an online magazine empowering asian brands with marketing ideas.

We believe she is truly an style icon who inspires all to look their best and be the best at what they do.

Our readers can send her a text via direct message if they think a personal image is important to their career.

We present here in her own words some of the preparations she would chose for herself an also recommends for women who travel on business flying from one city to another-

If there is one thing I will never compromise while travelling is COMFORT. The other two – looking CHIC and being EFFICIENT.

• Planes tend to be “fridgy”. First decide on basic outfit then layer. Layering, helps with cold and most definitely a great fashion statement. Stretchy jeans or tights, t-shirts and long cardigans are my favourites. Depending on destination; if it is a colder place, bring along a jacket in your hand carry to wear at arrival.

• Scarves are versatile–wrap yourself, put them around your neck, use as blanket and even fold-up as pillow.

• For the feet, nothing screams comfort and efficiency like a pair of sneakers.

• Try not to wear things that will set off security sensors. Accessories and heels are sensor sensitive. If you are like me, have heels in your carry-on and wear them before leaving the plane.

• The struggle of a good airport handbag is real, ladies. We need our laptop, book, energy bar, wallet, passport and make-up purse to be part our airport handbag ensemble, right? You need one that is big enough to carry your essentials but small enough to be tucked under the seat.

• Sunglasses turns you up few notches; you will look put together; and those eye bags from lack of sleep, camouflaged!


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